Effective Business Leadership by example, creating “Tru-Choice
Partnerships through Community Business Development and Funding
for lasting change.  

Over the past several years we have been adapting, and updating our
financial and business strategies with you the community in mind.  
Finally if you have not seen us in a long time, Welcome back as you can
see we are changing.  

Our programs are more reflective of the whole global community in all
its diversity for sustainable change.  We thank you for your input now,
starting within the manufacturing, financing and development industry
ECO SoCAL will foster and promote a “Sustainable Green” ecologically
sound, economical, financially viable standard of living.  

We must set and maintain the highest industry standards to achieve
these goals. We must advocate SUSTAINABLE INFRASTRUCTURES
promoting attainable housing, job creation, proper financing, innovation
and training for the redevelopment of our inner cities and communities,
locally, nationally and internationally that is safe, clean and healthy, as
part of this vital effort.  
TO ECO SoCAL “Healthy Tru-Choice for
Sustainable Green Communities"
All Rights Reserved ECO SoCAL  2015
Chief Executive ECO SoCAL, USET
Trustee & Program Executive Director