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EcoSoCal Group is adapting and fast becoming a premier industry
leader, as a highly specialized business model designed for things to
come.  In partnership with the US ECON Trust (USET) incorporating the
latest technology and  best practices for global ecological projects,
management of any size and scope.  

This relationship is vital to properly managing and developing a
“Go-GREEN” and equally as important‚ a “Go-BLUE”
attitude as part of a complete ecological infrastructure and
redevelopment process in the various local communities we serve for
the betterment of society.
The EcoSoCal Group under the guidance of USET’s leadership, our
team recognizes
“Global-GREEN” and “Global-BLUE” since these
terms more accurately describes the ecological and energy efficient
processes. We focus on the  best strategies that address conservation
management, recycling and use of all our resources involving land, water
and air as part of a truly sustainable and innovative conservation plan.

We strive to and support the development of community partnerships for
the implementation of alternative energy and fuel technologies
economically. Every project we are involved in must have this focus from
inception to completion.   
USET believes to further reduce our carbon footprint; we must be
proactive, therefore innovative approaches must include training and
financing as part of the equation.  EcoSoCal is the first of many like
businesses participating in the spirit of cooperation with “USET” to
better develop and examine successful economic ecological processes.

Our approach is innovative, with strategic capital and our Eco-corporate
partners; we intend to stimulate sustainable ecological change
revitalizing our economy and creating jobs.  The USET clear preference
is economic stimulation and community development that are aimed at
the improving people's lives.  For example our focus on Eco-
development means building new efficiently, to include existing
structure rehabilitation, saving people's homes and life savings.
ECO SoCAL Group through USET is constantly being adapted to
ecological and economic needs. The US ECON Trust or USET is
structured to do business in the communities we serve and globally.  

Setting the standard, poised to become the successful model by
which all other like businesses will be patterned after.  Its certified
business partners investors, funding, financial entities, builders, and
affiliated participating companies provide many options for ECOLOGICAL
Financing for select Green Projects.  Through USET and others as a
Global resource comprising of US Communities Business Owners,
Bankers, Private Investors and Community Leaders we are poised to
implement many changes, creating jobs, with one focus.  We strive to
build better truly green communities and improve living conditions.
Our US ECON Stewardship approach started in Southern California
will create a safer overall environment for this and the next generation
inside our homes, businesses, neighborhoods and yes, we must address
the impact on our global economic environment.  

It is our Global Environmental outlook as part of the USET Stewardship
approach which includes ECO-nomics, and ECO-logical Business
Development.  Ongoing research and development support to actively
aid in reducing the harmful effects of our modern way of
life and the damage caused, particularly that of fossil fuels, current
handling of construction waste and type of materials sent to our

The new Global ECO-Scape demands we combine “Sustainable Green”
manufacturing of the components needed to build healthy, better,
ecologically safe, structures.  We must create awareness through
training, ECO-certification of builders, affiliated contractors and
communities while providing economically sound and superior
integrated building systems and financing for both the commercial
and residential industry.  USET’s goal with ECO SoCAL is to foster a
sustainable change in many areas of development that affect our
lives so you will see a
“Tru-GREEN” mark in many areas.
The USET ECO SoCAL Management
Team trained and established by US
ECON Trust affiliates, has collectively
over one hundred years of combined
business experience as well as
developing financial resources.
Each member of the “ECO SoCAL Team” brings a different, yet highly
relevant, set of skills and expertise.  Our group of experienced
professionals has an excellent track record of results for fast paced
growth; market adaption in virtually all the development projects we
have managed.  Each team-member guided USET and overseen by
USNDSA* is widely respected both inside and outside their fields of
expertise.  We are the ECO Economic Guardians; achieving
uncommon results learn about us and join us.

Let’s face it
“Go GREEN” is here to stay and is part of the new
Global ECO-Scape, vital for continued economic growth.  “Sustainable
Green” is the USET ECO SoCal’s business focus; it must be
accessible, economical and better still, understood.  As you get to
know us, come join us as we engage
“Tru-GREEN” as a process,
model and assimilate with economic and environmental impact on our
ever changing modern technological way of life.

The USET-ECO SoCal difference is Green Partnerships, market
expertise, consumer feedback, constant R&D (Research &
Development) processes and product improvements that help provide
Solutions in real time.
OUR Team: