The call to action is implemented with USET, the US Economic
Humanitarian Trust the future of Eco-conservation in manufacturing
and development when properly implemented will reduce the harmful
aspects of rapid population growth; address job loss, high energy costs.  

The key is how we all address “Global Climate Changes” concerns and
its impact, so residents can live and work in a healthy, economically and
ecologically attainable "Way of Life" amidst ever changing economic and
environmental uncertainty.

ECO SoCAL believes that Tru-Choice come from having many options
enabling us to more accurately address specific needs, such as how we
finance, build and live within our communities.  This is after all the
cornerstone of democracy, free enterprise and economic stability.  

To live healthy and ecologically, we must gain understanding, simplify
processes and have access to information so we can learn about our
options and make appropriate choices.  

This simple statement addresses so many of our or rather Humanities'
Global Economic Concerns.  This led to the development of the US
ECON TRUST (USET) a US Economic Association of Businesses,
Investment & Financing functioning on a Global scale.
What is True-Green?
With so many different environmentally friendly products on the market
can you define true green?  Let’s face the irrefutable facts; it is not just
Energy efficiency.

Is it then, just innovation, new-technology, name it…

What are the benefits?
Simply! If you contribute in any significant way to our landfill, or dispose
of items with no regard for the damage it may cause, you are not green.

“Tru-GREEN” is a process or a system, a life style change that makes
ecological and economic sense globally.

Yes! Green products should address our needs such as the promotion
of Healthy Living, Energy savings, how we do things, recycle, adapt,
and finance, manufacture all materials used, all the while we must
address its cost effectiveness…
Our Focal point is Eco-friendly
Community Development.  
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